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Nonton Film Serial The Twin Flower Legend (2020)


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Rating :
: 10/10 (14 votes)
Released :
Category : china, Drama China Taiwan, history, romance, tv serial
Trailer : The Twin Flower Legend (2020)
Duration : 45
Director : Ng Gam Yuen
Staring : Yu Xiao Tong, Kenny Kwan, Mao Xiao Hui, Jie Xuan
Tag :
Synopsys : It follows a pair of twin sisters in a story about the rush of first love, a resigned separation, an unwavering companionship and love without regrets.Hua Mujin grew up during the chaotic era of the five dynasties and the ten states. As a child, she and her younger twin sister Hua Jinxiu were sold as slaves to the powerful Yuan Family. They are sent on the road with three other children - Yu Feiyan, Song Minglei, Yao Biying and the five take a vow of friendship to always care for each other. In order to thrive in their new environment, Hua Mujin willingly throws herself to hard labor to build a better future for her brothers and sisters. She uses the techniques inherited from her father and relies on her intelligence to help the Yuan Family rise to glory. Four men with extraordinary talents and position make a mark in her colorful life - Song Minglei whom she looks up to as an older brother, the pure and loving Yuan Feijue, the androgynous Duan Yuerong and the love of her life, Yuan Feibai. Historical, Romance

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